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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/30/14

We close out June with a healthy dump from the weekend.

NIANG THE MASTER. Georges Niang talks about his experience at the Nike Big Man Skills Academy and how Fred Hoiberg's offense helped him understand what he was being taught.

RECAPPING THE CAP. Recaps for Friday night and Sunday night in the Capital City league can be found over on CycloneFanatic.

FINDING PLACES TO LAND. Numerous Cyclones from this season and the past have found spots on NBA Summer League teams.

MCDERMOTT LEARNED IN AMES. No, not that McDermott, but rather the one who just got drafted.

NAZI THIS, NAZI THAT. American fans didn't think too highly of our German opponents last week, and thanks to social media we know exactly how bad it was.

SUNDAY AT THE WORLD CUP. The Dutch came back to beat Mexico, Arjen Robben dove a few times and then apologized, and other minutiae from yesterday's action.

UPDATED BRACKET. Here's your updated World Cup bracket with a link to the schedule.  Public Service Announcement: The United States play one of the world's best beer makers on Tuesday at 3 PM CDT.

BITTER, THEN NOT BITTER. Landon Donovan admits to briefly rooting against the USA after he was cut from the team.

SAD NEWS. Former Auburn TE, and he of cool name, Phillip Lutzenkirchen died in a car accident over the weekend.

BEEFCASTLE GROWTH. Tom Farniok has changed a lot since his first summer in Ames.

DEFENSIVE NERDERY. Not all of you appreciate schematic breakdowns, but this one from Ian Boyd has relevance as it covers TCU's defense and how they find ways to slow down modern offenses.

UPHILL BATTLE FOR THE NCAA. If by uphill battle you mean "complete and utter destruction of a one sided business model".  The mothership has a great breakdown of the O'Bannon case, the points made, and how it will impact the NCAA in the future.