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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/4/14

BUNCHA ENGINERDFOOTBALL PLAYERS. There's a lot of players in Iowa State's most well known (and perhaps challenging) major.

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR. Lindy's isn't scared off by the r word, as they've dubbed Allen Lazard their Big 12 newcomer of the year.

MINING GEORGIA. Thanks to new defensive backs coach Maurice Linguist, Iowa State is foraying back into Georgia for players.

$15 TO CREATE THE WORST SPORTS FAN. Creating the worst sports fan with 15 bucks. I'll go with New England, Lakers, Bama, Yankees, KU.

MORE LUIGI. Going even deeper into Luigi's death stare in Mario Kart.

BEST TWITTER ACCOUNT IN SPORTS. An interview with the social media manager for the Atlanta Hawks.

THE DEATH OF BASKETBALL. Jon Bois finishes the NBA Y2K series by killing basketball.

EVEN LESS IMAGINATIVE THAN THE HOIBURGER. The Cleveland version of the Johnny Football burger is just lame. The LA one is much better.

CHRIS PAUL IS SO LUCKY. He got a signed picture from Kelly Kapowski for his birthday.

HOUSTON'S GIVING UP. When your t-shirt slogan is "PROCESS", you know your team sucks.

MASTURBATION INJURY. 50 Cent is blaming his poor first pitch on excessive masturbation.

THE UNWRITTEN RULES OF BASEBALL. A former player goes on a rant about the bullshit unwritten rules of baseball.