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No More Jock Jams - An Intro Video Concept To Make Hilton Hip

Removing Jock Jams from Hilton. One concept video at a time.

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Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I made claim that Hilton Isn't Hip and provided a few suggestions on how to enhance the experience. While yes, some suggestions were more serious than others, the ensuing conversation seemed to focus on the one thing that I was most serious about - the music at Hilton. Music preferences vary greatly, so it's not shocking that this became the focus of the conversation.

It's really easy to complain about something when you don't like it. Actually doing something about it is much tougher to do. So, I decided to put my time where my mouth is and put together a little intro video mash-up to serve as an example of what elements I believe could be the making of a fired up crowd (and team).

My objectives were:

  • Remove Jock Jams
  • Double check to make sure that I removed Jock Jams
  • Utilize clips from the fantastic ISU hit tapes. Also utilize the player faces fading in and out from last season's intro.
  • Incorporate an actual Cyclone and the fear that one feels when they are in the area. They be scary!
  • Select music that builds upon itself, increasing excitement as the video progresses.
  • Select music that is relevant to today's youth. The young cats drive Hilton's excitement, both on the court and off, so they are the focus of this solution.
  • Make it human by highlighting the people who make the Hilton experience great - coach, team, cheerleaders, Cy, fans.

I am not a professional videographer, nor do I ever plan to be one. I shot none of this video myself. Rather, I sliced and diced. The video is rough and needs enhanced. It's simply a concept. I also imagined the lights off in Hilton while putting this together, but I soon learned that this is not possible. Someday perhaps. In my mind, the introduction of the starting lineup would begin at the 1:40 mark and the song would play out until tip-off.

Give it a view. Take note of how it makes you feel. Finally, vote yes or no below the video.

Here's the actual video from the 2013-14 season if you need a reference.