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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/5/14

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MO MONEY, LESS PROBLEMS. The Board of Regents approved a change to university funding that will see Iowa State and UNI benefit significantly. Meanwhile, the Regents also approved the South endzone enhancements for Jack Trice.

BIBBS LEADS THE PACK. CBS Sports ranks Iowa State's NFL prospects, and E.J. Bibbs is the clear leader.

YES, THE LAWYERS ARE THE ONLY ONES PROFITING. The NCAA has a problem with the O'Bannon lawsuit because apparently the NCAA is the only entity allowed to profit off of student-athletes.

PURDUE MUST NEED MONEY. You can put your picture on the Purdue helmet next year.

NO IOWA STATE. Mike Rutherford's way-too-early college basketball Top 25.

MORE PACKAGE DEALS. After Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor pulled the two-fer to go to Duke, two top prospects in next year's class are also combining their powers.

THANKS, WITCH DOCTOR GUY! USA will play Portugal in the group stage of the World Cup. It's possible that Cristiano Ronaldo will be out thanks to a Ghanian witch doctor.

AND THEY CAN EVEN BANG! Jurgen Klinsmann says U.S. players will be allowed to have sex. Also notable from the article; what type of weird sex are the Brazilians normally having?

THE FAVELA. The true love in the favelas of Brazil is soccer.

TERRIBLE THROW-IN. Good height, terrible distance (and accuracy).

MORE FIGHTS! Which hockey leagues have the most fights?

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? A group of robbers didn't realize a biker had a GoPro on while robbing him.

THIS SEEMS DICKISH. Guy buys $1 Stanley Cup tickets that another user put up in error, then causes a fuss because StubHub will only give him $300 credit instead of the tickets.