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Handicapping the Capital City League

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The YMCA Capital City League held its draft on Thursday night and because we literally have nothing else do to, it was decided that it's absolutely necessary to break down the draft and handicap the league. Legally, we can't advocate any type of gambling on this summer league action, but if you feel so inclined to find a bookie that will give you the following odds, well then friend, just remember, the more you bet, the more you win (or something like that).

To the surprise of nobody, Georges Niang was the first overall pick (technically, they separate the draft into an Iowa State round and a Drake round). Niang has lit up the league for the last two years and after rehabbing his foot, we'll get a chance to see him in action for the first time since the NCAA Tournament game against North Carolina Central.

There will be a few notable absences on the court as Bryce DeJean-Jones and Georgios Tsalmpouris will not be participating in the action. Dejean-Jones may make an appearance, but will be fulfilling academic obligations at UNLV while Tsalmpouris will spend the summer playing in his native Greece.

Here are the rosters:

Walnut Creek YMCA

Jameel McKay - Iowa State
Hallice Cooke - Iowa State
Reed Mells - Truman State
Trevor Berkley - Drake
Latrell Viser - E. Illinois
Reed Timmur - Drake
Jordan Johnson - Roosevelt HS
Jamar Hurdle - DMACC
John Lamb - Former Iowa State

Renaissance Granite and Quartz

Karl Madison - Drake
Ben Swanson - Valley HS
Blake Danielak - Drake
Kourtlin Jackson - Iowa State
Matt Don - NIACC
Geordon Heatherton - St. Ambrose
Jack Taylor - Former Grinell College (he's the dude that scored 100 points in a game)
Chad Boston - Former Simpson
Georges Niang - Iowa State
Kelly Madison - William Penn

Capital Orthopedics

Abdel Nader - Iowa State
Clayton Custer - Iowa State
Graham Woodard - Drake
Pete Odia - John Wood CC
Trey Burkhall - SW Baptist
Terrance Bush Jr. - NC MO JC (what?)
Scott Hahn - Quincy
Logan Losh - AIB
Ore Aroyundade - Drake
Aaron Hawley - Former Drake

Phoenix Renewable Resources

Richard Carter - Former Drake
Scott Bruxvoort - Quincy 
Al Davis - NIACC (not that Al Davis)
Logan Hamm - Former Simpson
Naz Long - Iowa State
Casey Schlatter - Drake
Dillon Bruxvoort - PCM HS
Arias Austin - DMACC
Daniel Edozie - Iowa State
Korey Kuenstling - Drake

Coca Cola

CJ Rivers - Drake
Tim Bennett - Central Nebraska
Drake Fuller - Bondurant HS
Jordan Daniels - Drake
Sherron Dorsey-Walker - Iowa State
Dwight Sistrunk - Adams State
John Fuqua - DMACC
Dustin Hogue - Iowa State
Ray Miller - Former Cal State
Sam Williams Jr. - Briar Cliff

ADIO Chiropractic

Sekou Mtayari - North HS
Teyontae Jenkins - Grandview 
Michael Carney - Northwestern (not that one)
Monte Morris - Iowa State
Jordan Stotts - Sioux Falls
Matt Thomas - Iowa State
Dom Aducci - Drake 
Galat Toang - John Wood CC
Kale Abrahamson - Drake
Reginald White - William Penn

The Favorites:

ADIO Chiropractic: 3 to 1

Renaissance Granite and Quartz: 4 to 1

Walnut Creek YMCA: 6 to 1

Phoenix Renewable Resources: 6 to 1

Coca Cola: 9 to 1

Capital Orthopedics 14 to 1

The Odds:

Jameel McKay will break a backboard -220

Someone will break Sherron Dorsey-Walker's scoring record (67 points) +315

If someone does break the scoring record, it will be Hallice Cooke +400

Georges Niang will dunk in a game +180

Someone on Cyclone Fanatic will start a thread titled, "Custer Next Jacy Holloway?" -900

Monte Morris will not commit a turnover in league play EVEN

Matt Thomas will look like the most improved player on the team -150

Naz Long will win league MVP -200

O/U on the number of jokes I make about Abdel Nader driving drunk to the basket, 4.5

O/U on the number of times my wife will refer to Monte Morris as her "basketball boyfriend", 17.5

Dustin Hogue will record a 30-rebound game -120

We'll be covering the action to the best of our ability and will do our best to overhype and overreact to this meaningless competition. The games tip off on Sunday, June 15th and most contests will be played at Valley Southwoods in West Des Moines.