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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/6/14

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BIBBS IS #TEAMSUNSHINE? E.J. posted this video of him one handing a catch in practice, with a nod to "his QB" Sam Richardson.

STEELE LIKES A FEW CYCLONES. E.J. Bibbs, Tom Farniok, Quenton Bundrage, Aaron Wimberly, Jarvis West, and Cory Morrissey all make it onto Phil Steele's All Big 12 team.

NO BIG DEAL FOR NEALY. That bizarre noise complaint DeVondrick Nealy was hit with on April 9th was downgraded to a simple civil fine.

SO MANY TURNOVERS. Jake Trotter looked at the turnover trends in the Big 12 from 2011-13, and the Cyclones sure give up the ball a lot.

THE MONEY OF COLLEGE ATHLETICS. Taking a look at revenues minus subsidies minus expenses of college athletic departments is pretty interesting.

BRONCO CAMPAIGNING. Bronco Mendenhall is openly declaring that BYU would love to be in the Big 12.

CALIPARI CASHES IN. After more rumors of an NBA return, Kentucky signed John Calipari to a seven year, $52.5 million dolllar extension.

UNC SHAM. Rashad McCants, one of the stars of the Tarheels' 2005 championship team, says he took a bunch of bogus classes to stay eligible, and Roy Williams knew about it.

THE HEAT WAS THE STAR OF GAME ONE. No, not the team, but the AT&T Center air conditioning broke.

LEBRON CRAMPS. Due to the heat, LeBron James cramped up, which led to a bunch of criticism, causing many athletes to take his side.

HIT BY RETURN THROW? Norichika Aoki isn't content getting hit by a pitch, he's spicing it up by getting smoked by a return throw.

SHE MUST BE A GREAT NEIGHBOR. A woman was annoyed at a charity race going on outside her apartment, so she dumped cat litter and other trash on the racers.

TRICK SHOT MAGIC. Remi Gaillard came up with a trick shot for every World Cup team.

A GOD AMONG MEN. Lionel Messi's opponents are now bowing down to him.