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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/9/14

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MOST IMPACT TRANSFER. USA Today has Bryce DeJean-Jones as one of the five biggest transfers this season.

IT'S GOING DOWN. The O'Bannon trial is starting today, and the NCAA hopes it won't be yelling timber.

THIS IS SO BAYLOR. A Baylor fan started throwing water at Texas Tech fans and "baptizing" them.

THON RECLASSIFYING? Thon Maker, the 3 point shooting 7 footer, might be a class of 2015 recruit after all.

CRAMPING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Deadspin is taking down all the LeBron haters out there, including Gatorade.

SOMETHING ILLUMINATI. The Bulls logo upside down is a robot preacher.

PADRES DRAFT JOHNNY. The Padres, clearly in need of some media attention, drafted Johnny Manziel.

LEBRON STEPS UP. No cramps, no problems, which resulted in a Heat win.

USA LOOKING GOOD! The U.S finished its last game before the World Cup with a 2-0 victory over Nigeria, one which showed Jurgen Klinsmann's side is making progress.

SORE LOSER? The owner of California Chrome went on a diatribe about horses running only one race of the Triple Crown, a rant that probably is taken better if he did it pre-loss.