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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/10/14

CUSTER EXPLODES. Clayton Custer went off for 52 points in the CCL last night.

THE PLIGHT OF ISU FANS. Bobby La Gesse writes on the conundrum the Texas game on Cyclones.TV presents.

WHAT'S THAT DEGREE WORTH? The NCAA will argue their athletes get degrees, but are they worthless?

CONCUSSED? NAH.... Javier Mascherano looked pretty concussed, but went back into the game anyway.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Brazil's epic loss already has a Wikipedia entry, but just how important was it?

SO MUCH HATE. Neymar's agent rips into Brazilian manager Scolari.

JINX? Cleveland is looking more like a real possibility for LeBron James, and one store is already making t-shirts to celebrate LeBron's return.

BRENT MUSBERGER BLAMES THIS GUY. Meet the man who started the tradition of finding hot chicks in a sports crowd.

STAR WARS NIGHT. The St Louis Cardinals nerded out for a night.

THE DUKE (ESTATE) SUES THE DUKE. John Wayne's heirs want to sell booze called "The Duke". Duke University won't let them. Lawsuit!