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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/11/14

FAN FEST. Come one, come all to get your fan mode on at the annual Cyclone Fan Fest on Sunday, August 24th.

WOMEN'S FAB FIVE. Bill Fennelly signed the 21st ranked recruiting class this year with five outstanding freshman who all might see significant minutes next year.

GOTTA HAVE IT. Bobby La Gesse has a good column on the history of Cyclones.TV, airing this year's game against Texas on it, and one fan's plight about not seeing it in South Dakota.

REVIEWING A CLASSIC. With no new NCAA Football game this year Jason Kirk decides to review one of the all time classic college football games: Bill Walsh College Football.

SCOREBOARD TESTING. The guys at Good Bull Hunting test out aTm's new massive scoreboard.

ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART HATE GROW FONDER. A write up on which fan bases miss their rivals the most.  After having lived in Texas, I can say the UT-aTm obsession is second to none.

WORLD CUP PREVIEW.preview of Sunday's final between Germany and Argentina.

WILL HE OR WON'T HE? Will LeBron James head back to Cleveland?  Will Miami make a last minute push?

DEAD WADE. One of the reasons LeBron should head back to Cleveland is because Dwayne Wade is dead.

BURN IT ALL. If he does leave it appears all those LeBron jerseys will be folded and put back in the closet, and by that of course I mean burned.

WHY. Why do ultra marathoners torture themselves, and better yet, how do they do it?

COOL STORY BRO. Only including this story of athletes showering together because of the Greg Maddux story at the end.