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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/15/14

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PACING THE MAYOR. Fred Hoiberg is getting his pacemaker replaced today, but expects it to be a routine procedure.  The surgery was scheduled for 5:30 AM, and we were hoping to have more information by now, but will update accordingly.

KANE PERFORMS. A recap of DeAndre Kane's performance with the Lakers through two summer league games, plus an update on another Iowa related player: Doug McDermott.

SOCIAL MEDIA TOP 25! Iowa State is ranked... on Twitter! Snark aside, I've always felt that ISU has one of the best social media presences and it's nice to see the stats prove it.

FIVE QUESTIONS. With Big XII Media Days around the corner, Chris Williams sits down with an Athlon editor again to walk through their thoughts on Iowa State.

A RHOADS SURPRISE. Paul Rhoads was asked to speak about his experiences attending Ankeny while growing up, but was really there for a different reason.

RUBIN'S FUTURE. Cleveland Browns' defensive tackle Ahtyba Rubin has quietly been one of the most successful Cyclones in the NFL, and now his future is in doubt as he enters the final year of his contract.

NEW BRAZIL MANAGER. There will never be a time that I won't link this video when given the opportunity.

ALL THE GOALS. Deadspin gets GIFy with the World Cup goals, and it's fantastic.

COLOR VOMIT. The Philadelphia Flyers, known for their orange and black motif, almost had teal as part of their jersey scheme.

HOME RUN DERBY RECAP. We'll spare you the voice of Chris Berman, and just link to a bunch of Vines from last night's Home Run Derby.

Would love to link you guys to some college football news, but SEC Media Days are going on in Atlanta right now so apparently nothing else matters.