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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/17/14

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SAGE THE RAGE. And uh... Blum the Thumb?  Sage Rosenfels will provide color commentary, and Iowa State alum Brent Blum the play by play, for the broadcast of the Iowa State at Texas game on October 18th.

2:30 IN IOWA CITY. As we mentioned in the MMD's comments yesterday, the annual Cy-Hawk game will kick off in Iowa City at 2:30 PM and will be broadcast by either ABC, ESPN, or ESPN 2.

WEST WATCH. Jarvis West is on the CFPA Awards Watch List for kick returners.

PROMOTIONS ALL AROUND. With the promotion of Charlie Henry to assistant, the Cyclones Director of Player Development job was open and is now being filled by former graduate assistant Nate Loenser.

PERMANENT BANNING. Texas linebackers Steve Edmond and Jordan Hicks are the two players rumored to have had dinner with an agent.

CLEAR AS MUD. More details have come out about how the College Football Playoff, and the related bowls, are matched up.  It's... interesting.

MILE "HIGH". Spencer Hall smoked some weed, went to a baseball game, and lived to tell about it.

TOUR DE CRAZY. The early days of The Tour de France were insane and unfit for mere mortals.

RAWR! Tiger Woods is not a fan of the photographers.

THE SBS! SBNation decided to have their own awards show to counter The ESPYs.

DRAKE AND LANCE. Drake hosted The ESPYs and it was weird at times, but this segment of him blowing in Lance Stephenson's ear is funny.

AS COOL AS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PILLOW. Stuart Scott was honored last night with the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, and gave a stirring speech about his battle with cancer.