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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/2/14

EJIM THE LEGEND. Melvin Ejim gets the treatment from

POSITIVES FROM BEING IN BROOKLYN. The game with South Carolina at the Barclays Center may seem a bit weird, but there's positives.

RIP, REALIGNMENT. The worst moments of the realignment era.

OR MAYBE NOT. Oliver Luck is asked if expansion is still a possibility.

COME ON, CLAUDE. Maybe the best arrest ever. "Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer. Alcohol is believed to have been involved."

SNATCHED AWAY. The USA had limited chances all night, but they did have a golden opportunity to win it in stoppage time, only to get Wondo'd.

TIM EFFING HOWARD. We might have lost to Belgium, but without Tim Howard, it might have been ugly. There were many tributes to him, perhaps the best being this Wiki entry. There's also a petition to name an airport after him.

GOT INTO SOCCER? If you found a new sport to follow and want your options after the World Cup, here you go. Just don't be like these fans who don't know anything.

A GOOD RUN. Spencer Hall talks about the 2014 World Cup campaign for this version of the USMNT.