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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/22/14

MEDIA DAYS. A very aerodynamic Chris Williams and Randy Peterson discuss day one of Big 12 media days.

NO CHANGES. Iowa State's depth chart for media days is pretty much unchanged.

ONE LAST MENTION OF #ELLERMANTIME! He's just as good in the classroom as entertaining Hilton in mop-up duty! Melvin Ejim was also honored for his classroom achievements, but that's old news by now.

NO WAIVER. Jameel McKay had his always unlikely-to-be-approved appeal for eligibility denied by the NCAA.

THE HORRORS! Thanks to the Big 12, we have Kliff Kingsbury morphing into Charlie Weis.

BOWSLBY HATING. Bob Bowlsby slammed the NCAA on enforcement, saying that "cheating pays" in the current college landscape.

GUNDY SEES MANGINO IN THE MIRROR. Well, not in terms of appearance, but in coaching style.

ART BRILES DOESN'T NEED YOUR OPINION. Jimbo Fisher said that every conference needs a championship game. Art Briles disagrees.

SO SEC. A pair of guys yelled Roll Tide at Zach Mettenberger, then sucker punched the former LSU QB.

VAREJAO LOOKS NORMAL? Anderson Varejao looks like a normal dude without the hair.

INGENIOUS. Marshawn Lynch doesn't want you damaging his whip, so he ropes it off.

DEAL WITH IT, ROOK. NFL rookies found out their Madden ratings and weren't too pleased.

NOT PETE CARROLL AT ALL. I mean, they're both white and kind of old, but that's it.