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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/25/14

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RHOADS AT ESPN. Paul Rhoads was in Bristol hanging out with ESPN and doing some features for them.

ONE ON ONE WITH MORRISSEY. Cory Morrissey chats with CFTV about the upcoming season.

MILLER INTERVIEWS BIBBS. Showing passable reporter skills, Jevohn Miller has something to fall back on if football doesn't work out for him.

RUNNING BACKS SET TO THRIVE? With more continuity on the offensive line and lots of returning experience at WR, the RB group could be set up to impress.

THE COST OF ALL YOU CAN EAT. What does the NCAA's new rule allowing unlimited food to athletes cost Iowa State?

KINGSBURY READS FLATTERING TWEETS. Kliff Kingsbury reads some admirers' tweets, which is cool and all, but I bet Fred Hoiberg is still more creeped on.

LESS WEIS, LESS PROBLEMS? Charlie Weis is shedding the pounds this summer.

BAND PROBLEMS. Ohio State's band is in some hot water with their hazing rituals, because they're horny, depraved people.

RAY RICE FALLOUT. Ray Rice knocked out his wife this summer in a casino elevator, and the NFL hit him with a two game suspension, which many feel is not enough.

IT'S LIKE 50 CENT PLAYING LEFT FIELD. Cleveland's Ryan Raburn with a throw that is right out of the horrible first pitch manual.

COVER UP THAT BLUES SHIRT. Patrick Kane took a picture with a kid in a Blues t-shirt and Blackhawks hat (white Drake?) and covered up the logo.