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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/28/14

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QB ISSUES. Bobby La Gesse talks about the ever revolving door at quarterback.

OL COMMIT. Julian Good-Jones is on board as he chose Iowa State over Kansas State and Oregon State.

A STRENGTH IN 2014? Tom Farniok thinks the much maligned offensive line can be an actual strength this year.

HAPPY ABOUT MANGINO. The Cyclones are very happy to have the services of Mark Mangino.

BIBBS MAKES TOP 25. Big 12 blog's Top 25 conference player countdown has E.J. Bibbs at #22.

IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHIZIK'S BACK IN TOWN. A winless Big 12 conference slate is the prediction for Iowa State.

NEW MEEKS = OLD NIANG. UNC's Kennedy Meeks lost 50 pounds, which puts him at 2013 Niang level.

A LOOPHOLE TO THE NBA. Emmanuel Mudiay and Josh Huestis are showing that there's multiple ways to get around the NBA's draft requirements.

OLD SPORTS GAMES ARE THE BEST. FIFA 94 had two of the best glitches ever.

SWEET FACE GOAL. Inspired by FIFA 94, here's a goalkeeper sort of own-goaling it.

ESPN INFIGHTING. Stephen A. Smith was at worst blaming women for getting domestically abused, and at best was very poor in explaining his position. Michelle Beadle wasn't happy about it.

IRSAY MAKES IT RAIN. The Colts owner is handing out $100 bills to fans at training camp.

WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS? This Chiefs fan has a cheerleader on each side of him, which is confusing to his hands.

WRONG CONVENIENCE STORE TO ROB. When you try to steal money from a convenience store clerk, make sure his co-worker isn't an MMA fighter.