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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/29/14

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THE YEAR IN REVIEW. Here's Iowa State's athletics year in review, and it appears that Grant Rohach is the Melvin Ejim (genius, not Canadian) of the football team.

THE MOST CRITICAL RECRUITING PERIOD. With some momentum going in recruiting, Paul Rhoads can capitalize and round out his class in the coming months.

THE BIG QUESTION MARK. Once again, the defensive line is a major point of concern for the Cyclones this year.

20 YEARS OF FENNELLY. Bill Fennelly's 20 year mark has brought a ton of change for the women's basketball program.

MEAN TWEETS, BIG 12 EDITION. Big 12 coaches read mean tweets.. and while some are terribly stupid, there are some gems (mostly Holgo-related ones).

UNDERSTANDING THE NEW PLAYOFF. Grantland's FAQ on the new college football playoff is quite helpful if you don't know what the deal is.

WHOA. High school recruit outdoes the famous Michael Jordan dunk from the free throw line by taking off behind the line.

SUPER EXTREME DUI. Former Longhorn P.J. Tucker was arrested for super extreme DUI, which I had no idea was a thing until now.

MICHAEL DOESN'T CARE. LeBron is going back to #23, and Michael Jordan doesn't really give a shit.

MANNING DANCE. Peyton Manning dances the day away.

GOOD LORD, ZLATAN. Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a ridiculous backheel leaping goal.

WHO WANTS TO GET A LEAGUE TOGETHER? Loopyball soccer is a variation even soccer haters would like.

THIS HAIR DEFIES PHYSICS. Kickers tend to be ignored (you know, until they screw up), but Texas' Nick Rose is making sure his hair is memorable.