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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/3/14

A YEAR TO GROW. Another year of seasoning on and off the court will do wonders for Matt Thomas.

BIG GET FOR FENNELLY. Iowa State landed the top female basketball player in the state yesterday in Meredith Burkhall.

MORE SCHOLAR ATHLETES. Three Cyclone golfers were recognized for having a 3.50+ GPA.

THAT GIANT SCREEN LOOKS FAMILIAR. Check out the progress on Baylor's new stadium.

CELEBRATING USMNT. Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey got a call from President Obama, while Tim Howard got a call from the (real) Secretary of Defense.

DONOVAN BE HATING. Landon Donovan was very critical of Jurgen Klinsmann's tactics in an interview yesterday.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE. Bill Connelly switches from football to futbol to talk World Cup 2018.

SHOCKED AT BOOZING. FIFA's second in command was "shocked" at the amount of drunken antics at this year's World Cup.

EAT DICKS, TEAM! South Korean fans tossed phallic shaped toffees to express their displeasure with the team.

EMBIID IS AWESOME. I don't care that he's a Jayhawk. Joel Embiid is as likable as Kirk Hinrich isn't.