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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/30/14

DO RECRUITS LIKE PEPSI BETTER? Iowa State is now a Pepsi school.

THE NEXT GREAT LINEBACKER. With Jeremiah George off to the NFL, who will fill his shoes as he did Jake Knott's?

CHEMISTRY IS KEY. Fred Hoiberg talks about the mix of players and the roles they'll play next year.

FALLEN STARS. Four recruits seemed like they were headed for the NFL, until it all fell apart.

UNBELIEVABLE. Oklahoma State will get full practices this fall because a random player from the 90s recently graduated.

MORE GOOD NEWS. ESPN Gameday will be at Florida State-Oklahoma State.

CC: DREAMY. The 2015 basketball class is talented, but 2016 will be even better.

PELINI HATIN'. Bo Pelini isn't happy (shocking, right?) that a prospective transfer turned down Nebraska for Ole Miss.

EVERYONE INVADES THE FIELD. There were more pitch invaders than actual players at the Real Madrid-Roma game in Dallas yesterday.

REMEMBER THE TITANS IS A SHAM? Welp, there goes my childhood.

WORST BEAT EVER? Pocket aces vs. pocket aces = split pot, right? Nope.