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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/31/14

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HIPSTER HATING? Chris Williams says we can blame Bruce Van De Velde for the brutal football schedule. I have a feeling most Cyclone fans are ahead of him on hating BVDV.

TRIBUNE NEEDS HELP. After playing a lot as a true freshman, Nigel Tribune might be the only sure thing in the secondary this year.

BROADCASTING BOOT CAMP. Sage Rosenfels decided he wanted to be a sports broadcaster, so he went to a camp.

SO MUCH FOR FREE TUITION. The Hawkeyes' raffle of free tuition for buying student season tickets for football is suspended due to investigations into its legality.

THE SIMPLEST PLAYBOOK. Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt's playbook is terrifically simple.

SCRATCH-N-SNIFF TICKETS. Always a place of innovation, Oregon is employing the use of scratch-n-sniff tickets.

THE NEW MIDSUMMER CLASSIC. Sharknado is on its way to replacing the All-Star game as America's midsummer tradition.

TROLLIAN FOSTER. Arian Foster did interviews during training camp, but in a completely useless way.

THE REPLACEMENT FOR TSALMPOURIS. This 13 year old Romanian kid is already 7 foot 4.