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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/8/14

HILLSIDE SEASON TICKET ONLY. If you're looking for single game Hillside tickets, you won't be finding them this year.

HITTING THE RECRUITING TRAIL. Iowa State is busy looking for their 2015 recruits. Meanwhile, Darien Williams is heading home while rehabbing.

SO PROUD. The new Big 12 logo is out, along with team slogans, but BOTC thinks they can do it better.

THREE ESPNU APPEARANCES. The volleyball team will be on ESPNU three times this year.

THE LETTER IS DOWN. The Cavs mysteriously took down the infamous Comic Sans letter from Dan Gilbert to LeBron James this week, and they explain why.

EXPLAINING JOHNNY. Good Bull Hunting wonders why Johnny Manziel is rolling up $20 bills in a bathroom.

SLEEPY FAT GUY SUES. The guy who ESPN caught napping in a Yankees game is now suing the network because they were mean.

MMM, SELF-SERVE BEER. The Minnesota Twins are letting you pour your own beer. Hooray!

NOT VERY CANADIAN. That famed Canadian niceness was not in effect as Canada's U-19 football team destroyed Kuwait 91-0.

SPORTSPICKLE JURGEN ISN'T THAT MUCH OF A STRETCH. Jurgen Klinsmann says you're wrong.