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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/9/14

BUY CYCLONES.TV, YO. You knew the Toledo game was going to be on Cyclones.TV, but now the ISU-UT game will join it.

POLLARD'S RATIONALE. Jamie Pollard's reason for wanting the game on Cyclones.TV is that he wants to "grow the brand".

BETTER THAN KU AT LEAST? CRFF predicts the Big 12 finish this year. Crimson and Cream Machine also puts us in 9th for the QB position.

LARRY HATES BUBU? Bubu Palo is no longer heading to Colorado State to (maybe) finish his eligibility.

ATTN: FRED. The 25 college basketball recruits you need to know, which includes at least two (Diallo and Ellenson) that Fred Hoiberg has been in contact with.

SO BAD. Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup semifinal, which sent all their papers in a frenzy. So, just how bad is a 7-1 score in soccer? Maybe that's what happens when you act like Neymar is dead instead of just injured for a few weeks.

JR EULOGIZES BRAZIL. I guess this is the treatment you get when you're the host country and lose that badly.

WHAT THE HELL, RASHAD. Rashad McCants wants you to believe that the NCAA is paying him 300+ million and UNC cut him a check for 10 million.

NAKED PRINCE. On the one hand, you have Hilary Knight and Courtney Force posing for ESPN's Body issue. On the other hand, you have Prince Fielder.

REDSKINS GET YOU ARRESTED. It's best not to answer questions in a newspaper if you're skipping bail.