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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/1/14

WIN STUFF. Social media madness has hit the Cyclone athletic department.

NEW YORK TIES. Iowa State was in the NCAA regionals at MSG and will also be at the Barclays Center in January, but the ties to NYC go way back.


TALKING PERSONNEL. Fred Hoiberg talks about Niang, McKay, Morris, and Thomas.

POISED TO STAR. Speaking of Monte Morris, ESPN has him picked as a player ready to step into a starring role.

KEVIN WILSON THROWING BARBS. Indiana's Kevin Wilson is hating on the Big 12 for not having a conference championship game... all while his team avoids Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Northwestern.

MORE DETAILS ON FIELDS. Devonte Fields' domestic assault case has some additional details come to light.

LOCAL TV TRASH TALK. David Price was traded from the Rays to the Tigers, so Tampa and Detroit's local Fox stations threw barbs at each other.

SUPER REALISTIC. FIFA 15 may or may not have Luis Suarez's bite move in the game.

FL FART? A dead guy left a bunch of money to Norwegian soccer team FL Fart.

LATER DUDE. Austin Jackson was traded in the middle of a game, so the fans gave him a big sendoff.

JUST GIVE THEM THE DAMN IPADS. Keyshawn Johnson is sending out his wedding invitations... as iPads.

NOT RAY RICE? A TV station accidentally used a viral video of a dude in a Spiderman costume beating people up instead of Ray Rice's apology.