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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/11/14

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MEDIA DAY RECAP. social media recap of Iowa State's media day by

DEJEAN-JONES READY TO FIT IN. Bryce Dejean-Jones got to Ames a bit early so he could start developing chemistry with his new teammates.

WOULD YOU CALL IT LESS MESSY? Grant Rohach says Mark Mangino's offense is much less confusing than years past.

SUNSHINE READY TO BATTLE. Sam Richardson talks about the long road to recovery from last year's injury plagued campaign.

D'VARIO'S GOT HANDS. Mr. Montgomery is pulling off his best Sammy Watkins impression.

LOTS OF COMPETITION AT LB. Wally Burnham isn't used to this scenario: three spots at LB still up for grabs.

LUKE'S FEELING GOOD. Luke Knott is feeling better than ever after his offseason surgery.

15 NFL PLAYERS. Iowa State will have 15 former players in NFL camps this month.

O'BANNON WINS. A federal judge ruled against the NCAA, preventing the organization from preventing players from making money, but did say it was OK to put a limit (as low as $5,000) on their pay.

CAN'T BE HIM, NOT ANGRY ENOUGH. Two newlyweds got a picture with Bo Pelini, looking not angry.

FATAL SPRINT CAR ACCIDENT. Tony Stewart was involved in a car on (road raging) driver accident during a dirt track race that resulted in another driver's death.

SIMPSONS TRIBUTE. Clearly Mizzou is celebrating FX's EVERY SIMPSONS EVER marathon with football to the groin.

CBS GIVING AWAY LOCK SCREEN PASSCODES. Rory McIlroy had a pretty good weekend, but he did have to change his iPhone passcode after CBS gave it away.

THE WHITEST RAPPERS ALIVE. Peyton and Eli Manning are back with a rap video to promote DirecTV's new Fantasy Zone channel.

MORE BASEBALL "CONTROVERSY". Bryce Harper semi-messed up the A behind the the Braves' home plate, which became a thing, because baseball.

WANTED TO BE TRADED? Andrew Wiggins either makes perfect sense or is insane, because he says he wants to be a Timberwolf.