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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/12/14

BIG TIME. The Cyclones will be featured three/four times on ESPN's Big Monday this year.

YOU TOO, CAN PARK PEOPLE TERRIBLY. Iowa State is looking for traffic attendants for tailgate lots.

DON'T SLEEP ON SAM. Sam Richardson is making noise and may end up winning the starting job.

ANOTHER NERD. Jacob Gannon has gained some valuable experience in the classroom which he's using to help him on the field.

NEW RULES HELPING. New NCAA rules grant coaches eight extra hours to spend with player and the Cyclones benefited greatly from it.

WE HATE KU. The college basketball hate map is out, and our state really dislikes Kansas.

AGE LIMIT GOING UP? Will the NCAA's loss in the O'Bannon case cause the NBA to increase the draft age?

TWERKING CAMP. Mizzou is spending their fall camp twerking.

GYMNASTICS + BASKETBALL. The Drew league dunk contest featured a flying split.

BISSONNETTE GOES ALL OUT. The ice bucket challenge is huge right now, so Paul Bissonnette had to go big.

WHAT A FOLLOWER. After LeBron lost a bunch of weight, Carmelo Anthony did the same thing.