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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/13/14

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TWO HEADED ATTACK? How are the Cyclones planning to utilize DeVondrick Nealy and Aaron Wimberly this season?

BIGGER ROLE FOR LJ. Tampa Bay has a new coaching staff, so more Tampa 2 elements are coming back, which means Leonard Johnson will be very important to the Buccaneers.

DOING LESS. The winner of Iowa State's QB derby has to learn to do less and just execute.

DID THEY TAKE HIM TO THE GYRO CART? Giorgios Tsalmpouris really enjoyed his first time in Ames, as he tells us in an interview, where we find out that Giorgios' English is pretty damn good, and Randy Peterson basically trolls him to go back to Europe and get paid.

THE NEW MOOREHEAD. Trent Taylor has barely been on campus, but he has the ISU sack record set as a goal.

HOLGO'S TOO HONEST. Dana Holgorsen's admission that coaches lie in recruiting was wiped by WVU.

THE NBA HATES DRAKE. The NBA fined the Raptors for their "official ambassador" Drake tampering with Kevin Durant, but offered to drop the fine if Toronto dropped Drake.

ALMOST RAY RICE-Y. Michigan WR Csont'e York has been suspended for knocking out a guy taunting him.

SEC PLAYCALLS. Some interesting verbiage here.

PITBULL WOULD BE PROUD OF HIM. This little league ump is the definition of having a real good time.

FOUNTAIN LADY, ONE YEAR AFTER. It's been one year since the infamous KC Fountain Lady incident. Let's catch up with her!