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Write for WRNL!

The best named missed field goal and alcoholic beverage site on the internets is looking for writers.

David Purdy

It's been over four years since a small group of us started this blog, and the time has come to expand our tentacles reach to include others.  That's right, we're looking for writers to cover anything and everything on the blog.  As many of you can assume, real life responsibilities can get in the way of the fun things in life and all of us have real jobs and outside interests that have made blogging an increasingly difficult task.

So now we turn our attention outward and begin looking for some fresh blood.  Our primary focus is obviously Iowa State athletics, but having a general interest in college sports is a big plus.  We would love to write about the Big XII and the landscape as a whole, and having that skill set will not go unnoticed.

In the end though we're looking for the same principles that provided the foundation for the blog: A passion for Iowa State, an irreverent sense of humor, an ability to write, and a dedication to creating content.  Right now we can't promise you much, if anything, on the monetary front but we can offer you national exposure and the potential to move on to bigger and better things.  SB Nation alums can be found at CBS Sports, ESPN, SI, and other places.  That said, below are some of the more specific/technical things we are looking for.

The Base Requirements

  • An ability to write.  You don't have to be perfect, but you have to be coherent, know how to spell, identify errors, and be willing to be edited.
  • An ability to be a fan, but also objective.  We aren't here to be the Athletic Department's lapdog, but at the same time most of us donate and support athletics more than the average fan.  Balancing an ability to cheer for Iowa State and call them on their issues is a must.
  • An ability to be funny.  You don't have to be Robin Williams (RIP), but you have to be willing to take a humorous slant on things.  We founded this site with the idea to provide as much humorous content as there was serious writing, and we want that to be a focus in the future.
  • An ability to be available.  We write previews, recaps, thorough analysis, and everything in between during the football and basketball seasons.  We would expect you to do the same and fill in the gaps when needed.  This season we're spreading the wealth among our existing authors for football articles, and we would expect you to be a part of that.

The Extra Requirements

  • Recruiting.  We don't cover recruiting around here very much, but we would like to.  If you like keeping tabs on teenagers (with athletic ability), we want to hear from you.
  • A love of writing.  We're trying to strengthen our news reporting around here, and we would like someone who has the time to help cover this.  Not every article has to be 2,000 words, but quick 500 word recaps on newsworthy items will help the site greatly.
  • An ability to be funny.  We really cannot stress this enough.  The site began as a satirical site, and while it evolved over time our snark has never left.  The hole we need filled is the one vacated when Cormac McCarthy quit previewing the Big XII.
  • Fresh ideas.  The basics will always be there: previews, gamethreads, recaps, analysis.  We need new ideas for content and then someone to execute those ideas.  We give our writers a long leash and we expect them to use it.
  • Willingness to lead.  Nothing is off the table and if we find the appropriate writer to take the reins from CanAzn and myself then the site is all theirs.  If you have specific interest in this please be sure to call it out when you contact us.

How to Apply

That's the easy part.  Send an e-mail to and tell us about your interest in writing, why that interest exists, how you would like to help, and provide a writing sample.  The sample can be a link to things you've written in the past, or it could be a sample you come up with on the spot in the e-mail.  Either way we need something so we can evaluate your talent.

Now go forth and conquer apply!