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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/14/14

BURNING THE OLD FLAME. Wally Burnham is 72 years old, just joined Twitter, and is showing no signs of stopping when it comes to coaching up the Cyclones' defense.

LUNA COULD SIT. A lingering back injury could force defensive end Gabe Luna to take a redshirt this season.

MEYERS COULD HELP. If Luna has to sit this season it will be crucial for Mitchell Meyers to step up and use his new found confidence.

A NEW KIND OF MENSAH. Not the brain trust that Tom Herman was a member of, but walk on Ames running back Clifford Kwaw-Mensah is trying to find his spot on the team.

BACK AT IT. CBSSports with a great write up on Mark Mangino's Youngstown roots, and what it means to come coach in Ames.

WELCOME BACK COOPER. John Cooper, despite being passed over the head coaching job for Iowa State in the 1970s, is excited to come back and be inducted into the Iowa State Hall of Fame.

VOLLEYBALL MEDIA DAYS! The volleyball team gets the media days treatment from Cyclones.TV.

SCHEDULE RELEASED. The Cyclone women's basketball team has released their 2014-2015 schedule.

WHEN IN ROME. The women are doing a basketball tour of Italy, and are blogging about it.

GET USED TO THIS. The screen game won't go away with Mangino calling the shots, but here's a great breakdown of how screens work in an Air Raid system.

READING GOOD. Georgia receiver Malcolm Mitchell joined a book club... and likes it!

HOW TO FAIL EVERYONE. The mothership has a longform on Johnny Manziel and what he needs to do to be the Browns' next great quarterback.

PELINI IS FROZEN. If you've ever seen Frozen, or all the memes and viral videos about it, you'll appreciate this.

NO RYDING FOR TIGER. Tiger Woods has taken his name out of Ryder Cup contention.

BEAT WOMEN, GET MORE PENALTIES. Sounds like the NFL might get a little more serious about domestic violence.