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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/19/14

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AGGRESSION RISING. Wally Burnham says this year's defense may be his most aggressive unit to date.

ALL SUNSHINE. Randy Peterson goes on and on about how Sam Richardson is better prepared to lead the Cyclones this time around. Meanwhile, Bobby La Gesse writes that the Sam Iowa State needs is the one from Texas 2013. Rob Gray writes that Richardson really won the battle within.

NETTEN TALKS KICKING. Cole Netten talks about how he's improving his consistency this fall.

MEYERS STARTING. Cory Morrissey has had the right end spot locked up for months, but Mitchell Meyers has claimed the left end position as his own.

ANOTHER WIN IN ITALY. The ladies rolled off another win in Trieste, Italy.

MIXON DONE. Freshman phenom Joe Mixon has been suspended for the entire year by OU after an altercation with a woman.

BRAXTON MIGHT BE DONE. Braxton Miller reinjured his shoulder, and with it, might have killed Ohio State's national title hopes.

NEW UNIS GALORE. All the new uniforms and helmets in college football this year.

NO MORE FOOTBALL IN HAWAII? The Hawaii football program might shut down due to massive operating deficits.

BALLMER'S STILL NUTS. He's no longer the awkwardly enthusiastic CEO of Microsoft, but a Clippers rally still makes him energetic.

IS IT A SPORT? Now you can have the wisdom of the masses to help you argue why bocce ball isn't a sport.

BECAUSE OF COURSE. You knew the first sack of Johnny Manziel had to have a mocking money hand signal.

BUT AT LEAST HE ISN'T IN DALLAS. Apparently Jerry Jones had Manziel's draft card literally snatched from his hand to prevent JFF in Dallas.

THEY'RE ALL DOING IT WRONG. The ALS ice bucket challenge is all the rage these days, and some people are comically screwing it up.

CHARLIE SHEEN OWNS US ALL. Instead of pouring ice water on himself, Charlie Sheen is pouring the money he's going to donate to ALS research.