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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/20/14

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KAGAVI DOES IT AGAIN. Josh Kagavi goes into his vault of historical stuff and finds an exclusive photo of Jack Trice playing in his first varsity game.

BETTER WITH COMPETITION. Sam Richardson and Grant Rohach are both improved because they pushed each other hard this offseason.

COTTON-MOYA BACK IN A BIG WAY. After being shot, then suffering a season ending injury last year, Kamari Cotton-Moya is back and impressing Paul Rhoads.

THE HYPE TRAIN ROLLS ON. Brent Blum is doing his part to speed up the hype train with an article on how the attitude around the football facility seems to have changed.

BIG RETURNS. The trio of West, Wimberly and Nealy should bring production to the Cyclones' return game.

KANSAS HIT HARD. The Jayhawks' two two running backs are both out after suffering season ending injuries.

STILL NOT AS BAD AS 50 CENT'S. Bob Costas threw a second first pitch because the first one was bad.

BOBBY RAGE. Bobby Bowden did an AMA, where we find out that he's down with his statue destroying Tallahassee.

THE CUBBIE WAY. The Cubs can't even do tarps correctly. Maybe they should learn from the best down in Waco.

HOLY UGLY. Northern Illinois' new basketball court looks awful.