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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/21/14

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STILL BATTLING. Mitchell Meyers is the starter at left end, but that doesn't mean the competition with Trent Taylor has stopped.

A QB COACH! For the first time, the Cyclones have a dedicated QB coach in Todd Sturdy.

FINE FOR PLAYOFFS. Despite not having a championship game, the Big 12's position for the new college football playoffs is just fine.

PRESEASON ALL-BIG 12. The Big 12 Blog named their Preseason All-Big 12, and E.J. Bibbs is their choice as the Big 12's best tight end.

THE BIG PREVIEW. SB Nation's college football preview is out and it features tiering of all the conferences.

HOW TO REBUILD. Bill Snyder and Bob Stoops are among the six coaches interviewed on how to rebuild struggling programs.

THE NEW OPTION. The pop pass is the new rage in college football these days.

VOLCANO ALERT. Penn State vs. UCF in Ireland is in jeopardy because of a volcano. For real.

WE COULD HAVE HAD MORE VY? Vince Young says that he would have stayed in school if he knew that Houston wasn't going to draft him.

MLB TWITTER PROBLEMS. The Blue Jays Twitter account was all about the Rangers. Count me as equally surprised that each MLB team doesn't only use their own social media department.

NBA MOVIES. Photoshopping NBA players into movie posters is fun.

"IMMA DIE OF DIABETES BUT YOLO, RIGHT?" A comedian set out a table of pastries in front of a gym and hilarity ensued.