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WRNL Predicts the 2014 Season

WRNL authors & editors predict the 2014 Iowa State football season

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Well folks, with football only 8 (!) days away it's that time of year.  Time for the WRNL community to make embarrassingly incorrect predictions about the 2014 football season!  We did a pathetic super job of predicting the 2013 season, which you can check it out here.  To prove our expertise in the field of fortune telling we went back and looked at our predictions for the past two seasons.  Some of the results may surprise you:

CrossCyed 2013 (9-3)
NormanUnderwood 2013 (7-5) 2012 (7-5)
ClonesJer 2013 (5-7)
CylentButDeadly 2013 (6-6) 2012 (9-3)
CyForPresident 2013 (7-5) 2012 (9-3)
CanAzn 2013 (8-4) 2012 (8-4)
KnowDan 2013 (8-4) 2012 (9-3)
I Am A Cyentist 2012 (7-5)

Alright, let's get on to everyone's list of picks.  Feel free to critique, mock, and of course, post your own in the comment sections!


NDSU: W, 35-21. Yup. NDSU is a shell of it's former self. They lost a boat load of starters from last year's squad, and head coach Craig Bohl. It seems absurd to me that a new staff and bunch of inexperienced guys are going to be playing at anywhere near the level that last year's squad. Remember how many people thought they would beat us in '09? Remember how that turned out? That's where I see this game going. The offense, lead by Sunshine Sammy Richardson is efficient, but not mind-blowing, and the defense turns in a workmanlike Wally Burnham effort where significant yards, but not significant points are surrendered. A garbage time TD for the Bison makes this look closer than it actually is.

KSU: W, 28-25. The monkey comes off Rhoads's back. Weird stuff happens to Bill Snyder teams early in the season. Jake Waters and Tyler Lockett are great players, but the inexperience in the KSU trenches sees the ISU running game dominating time of possession, and the general pace of the game. We out-Snyderball Snyder.

@iowa: L, 21-14. The deflating loss after the big upset. Iowa is a decent squad that should be able to play keep away from us. Throw in the rivalry factor, and the fact that it's on the road, and I don't have a great feeling about this one.

Baylor: L, 42-28. We hang for the first half, but their lightning strike offense is just too much for our defense and while our offense turns in a solid effort, it's not enough to keep up over the course of a game.

@oklahoma State: L, 35-28. This one ends up being a heck of a game. We do a better job of keeping an inexperienced OSU team in check, but they get a late dagger score against an inexperienced secondary that just doesn't quite have the talent to keep up.

Toledo: W, 42-28. The team comes out fired up for Homecoming and Mangino's offense is effective against a lesser talented squad. The defense again does enough to get the W.

@texas: L, 31-24. A very similar looking game to Oklahoma State. Mangino vs. Strong will be a fun cat and mouse game to watch, but the superior talent on the Longhorn roster will be too much.

Oklahoma: L, 38-14. 5-72-1.

@kansas: W, 45-14. Mangino's revenge isn't pretty as a KU team that is outmatched on the field and on the sidelines gets taken out behind the woodshed.

Texas Tech: W, 42-31. There is only room for one dream boat in Ames, and it ain't Kliff. Coming home off a thrashing of KU, the Cyclones grab their second major upset of the year on an unseasonably cold day that finds Davis Webb struggling with Burnham's blitz, and a balanced Cyclone offensive attack being productive on the ground and opening up a few deep strikes.

West Virginia: W, 48-41. Mangino v. Holgo will be the shoot out you expect it to be. Much like the last time these teams met in Ames, a late turnover will seal the deal. This time, it will be Burnham's group that forces said turnover, as the Riot Bowl goes down to the wire for the 3rd consecutive year.

@tcu: L, 28-21. The TCU defense proves to be a little too stout and Boykin and Co provide enough offense to keep the Frogs on top.

Final Record: 6-6 (4-5)


North Dakota State - W: we're not favored, so I guess this will be our first "upset" ... sigh.

Kansas State - L: Bill Snyder is just straight up evil. we are in this til the bitter end, then bittered defeated.

@ Iowa - W: looking at Iowa's schedule this could be our chance to be the "and 1" portion of their record. hastagseneca hashtaghahafuckthoseguys

Baylor - L: infinate sadness

@ Oklahoma State - L: yeah, but remember when we cost you that Natty?

Toledo - W: seriously we win this right? right?

@ Texas - L: Big 12 annual fee

Oklahoma - L: Big 12 annual jump in

@ Kansas - W: all necessary season stat-padding needs to happen this game.

Texas Tech - L: Raiders still better, Hoiberg still prettier

West Virginia - L: inexplicable loss

@ TCU - W: inexplicable win

Final Record: 5-7 (3-6)


North Dakota State - W, 34-23 - ISU outscores NDSU 20-6 in the 2nd half

Kansas State - L, 30-24 - We've seen this one before

@ Iowa - L, 27-20 - ISU just not ready to win in hostile Kinnick environment

Baylor - L, 49-31 - Competitive shoot out, but Baylor puts it away late

@ Oklahoma State - L, 37-34 - Cowboys rally for late comeback win. This one stings.

Toledo - W, 42-27 - Cyclones prevail in another high scoring home contest

@ Texas - L, 35-13 - Rough day all around

Oklahoma - L, 38-17 - I'll give us a chance against OU whenever Stoops retires

@ Kansas - W, 34-24 - ISU fortunate to come out on top against salty Jayhawk team

Texas Tech - L, 31-30 - This is the game that we all look back on and ask "what if?"

West Virginia - W, 37-17 - ISU plays it's most complete game of the year on Senior Day

@ TCU - W, 26-23 - Neither team bowl eligible, but Cole Netten drills 4 field goals, including the game winner in the final minute

Final Record: 5-7 (3-6)


North Dakota State - W - 24-14 - Lower than anticipated score due to early game jitters and bugs. Offense is efficient, minimizes boneheaded plays, and the defense doesn't allow a big play and gets off the field in key situations.

Kansas State - L - 31-28 - Closer game than some anticipate, the value of Mangino shines as he keeps K-State from being on the field too much by having his own ball control offense, defense has a let down against one of the top offenses in the Big XII.

@ Iowa - W - 28-20 - Catching heat for this one but I think Mangino's offense shreds an inexperienced Iowa back seven. Iowa's defensive line makes their money stopping the run but doesn't muster a lot of pass rush. Iowa State's defensive line holds on just enough to force Iowa to continually grind out yards.

Baylor - L - 42-38 - The first game where Mangino's offense looks like it has enough octane to keep up with a Big XII offense when the defense decides to disappear. Problem is Baylor's defense will disappear less than Iowa State's. This is also a huge trap game for Baylor as they head to Texas the following week.

@ Oklahoma State - L - 35-31 - Another close game, but Clint Chelf won't surprise us with his legs this year!

Toledo - W - 42-14 - Next.

@ Texas - L - 21-17 - Charlie Strong was hired to make the Texas defense stellar and this is a classic situation where a more athletic defense with discipline can completely unwind a simpler offense. 

Oklahoma - L - 35-24 - Not buying the Oklahoma hype like some, but we're still not beating them. 

@ Kansas - W - 41-21 - John Reagan will make the offense in Lawrence passable, but Dave Campo still can't call a defense. 

Texas Tech - W - 42-35 - The Red Raiders bring a Texas flavor to Ames in November for the first time ever. The trip is also sandwiched between games with Oklahoma and Baylor. Trap game at its finest.

West Virginia - W - 35-24 - Holgo just don't have the horses anymore.

@ TCU - L - 31-21 - If you're counting you'll see Iowa State has clinched bowl eligibility and takes a three game winning streak to Fort Worth. So naturally they'll lose and keep from breaking through the glass ceiling.

Final Record: 6-6 (3-6)


Over/Under for Levi Peters takedowns: 53



North Dakota State: W - NDSU graduated a ton of their starters and an FCS school doesn't just reload from the departure of a historically successful senior class.

@ Iowa: L - I don't think we'll be able to slow down Iowa's running game and they'll use it to wear us down and keep our offense off the field.

Baylor: L - By less than 64 points. Maybe.

@ Oklahoma State: L - We should add a crushed BCS crystal football as a rivalry trophy to this series, since it killed the BCS.

Toledo: W - Our offense should shine in this one, Toledo will probably keep it close in the first half but we should pull away late for a comfortable win

@ Texas: L - I'm not sure if Strong will lead Texas to a breakthrough season or anything like that, but with the talent on their roster they're gong to be a step up from last year.

Oklahoma: L - If they're looking ahead to Baylor we might be able to keep this one respectable.

@ Kansas: W - Mangino's revenge.

Texas Tech: W - Kingsbury is still learning how to be a head coach. And Tech isn't on another level from ISU athlete-wise like Oklahoma and Texas are. I'm not even sure if this will be an upset come gameday.

West Virginia: W - Holgerson might get left at the Des Moines airport.

@ TCU: L - TCU has struggled since joining the Big XII but I think they'll still have enough firepower to get the win here against a worn down Cyclones team, keeping us from a bowl.

Final Record: 5-7 (3-6)


North Dakota State: W 27-19. Despite being the underdog and coming out poorly due to the early start, Iowa State actually looks halfway decent in the second half as NDSU proves they lost a bit too much from last year's team.

Kansas State:  L 30-17


iowa: L 24-19. Much closer than last year, but being in Kinnick is just too much for the Cyclones to handle.

Baylor: L 42-34. Mangino's offense finally clicks and the Cyclones are involved in a fight with the Bears, but Baylor's combo of Petty and Goodley ultimately dooms the young Cyclone secondary.

@Oklahoma State: L 34-20. Clint Chelf won't racewalk past our defense this time, but JW Walsh shredded us in 2012 with one knee, so he should be even better with two knees.

Toledo: W 37-17. Hey, a nice, easy win at homecoming for once!

@Texas: L 17-7. No late game fumble/no-fumble calls this time. Texas' D shuts Mangino's offense down.

Oklahoma: L 28-17. Dorial Green Beckham will probably be reinstated for this game and catch all 4 TDs. 

@Kansas: W 40-27. The one program in the Big 12 Iowa State can actually look really good against.

Texas Tech: W 21-13. The Cyclone defense steps up big time to defend the honor of Fred Hoiberg, who Kingsbury insinuates is ugly at a pep rally that week.

West Virginia: W 30-20. Holgo goes to Prairie Meadows after the game to drown his sorrows as Iowa State fans offer visiting Mountaineer fans couches to burn as an olive branch (which they burn too).

@TCU: L 27-20. The battle of new offensive coordinators sees TCU come out on top with a quadruple reverse to win the game.
Final Record: 5-7 (3-6)


North Dakota State W 28-17 - The offense shows flashes of what it can be and the defense finds a way with 3 turnovers.

Kansas State L 31-20 - Bill Synder still alive? Next

@ Iowa L 28-21 - Another close Cy-Hawk game, but Iowa is way to strong in the trenches.


Baylor L 54-28 - It's better than 64 points.

@ Oklahoma State - L 35-31 - ISU almost pulls off the road upset as the defense is slowing growing up.

Toledo W 38-17 - ISU plays their best game of the season to date with the young defense playing smart and fast.

@ Texas L 28-24 - I don't know what to make of Texas, but the team plays well after the big homecoming win.


Oklahoma L 58-31 - OU? Nope.

@ Kansas W 41-24 - Manvenge?


Texas Tech L 48-47 - A heartbreaker, but the team plays really well.

West Virginia W 51-42 - The offense is rolling in another exciting Riot Bowl

@ TCU L 28-27 - Another close heartbreaker, but the strong finish leads the team into a new JTS and a breakout season in 2015.

Final Record: 4-8 (2-7)

There you have it folks.  Our expert prognosticators weigh in and all seem to come to one agreement: This team is going to be much improved.  It might show up in the W/L column, and it might not, but then again this is going to be a fun season no matter what with Mangenius at the helm of the offense.

Be sure to leave your predictions below and here's a helpful format for you:

North Dakota State
Kansas State
@ Iowa
@ Oklahoma State
@ Texas
@ Kansas
Texas Tech
West Virginia

Final Record: