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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/22/14

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KICKOFF SPECIAL. Cyclones.TV has put together a football kickoff special.

KIRK'S PREVIEW. Kirk Haaland previews the season, and spoiler alert, "dat offense tho" is part of it.

WIDE RECEIVER GROUP CHATS. Tommy Mangino and his receivers spoke to the media after practice Thursday.

UNUSUAL BUT GOOD. The 2014 schedule includes the oddity of an SEC-like early conference game, but Paul Rhoads likes it.

MUSCLE HAMSTER. Jarvis West is tiny, but can apparently squat a lot.

BIGGER CHALLENGES. Cole Netten is looking to improve on his long distance accuracy.

HUNGRY. Big 12 coaches were asked to describe their team in one word, and Paul Rhoads aptly picked "hungry".

MORE BUBU-GATE. An Iowa district court has ruled against the Board of Regents in their upholding of Steven Leath's sanctions against Bubu Palo.

THE OTHER CYCLONES GET SLIMED. The Brooklyn Cyclones will wear Nickelodeon inspired jerseys.

COME GET YOUR SAUSAGE TOILET SEAT THING HERE. The Packers are selling a new food item, and it's pretty weird looking.

HEMPFEST. PFT Commenter takes a trip to Seattle to see the Seahawks play, along with a bunch of other things.

SIMPSONS MARATHON IS ON! The Simpsons marathon started on FXX yesterday, and here's a list of the best 10 sports episodes!

OH, CALIPARI. The Kentucky coach called in as "John from Kentucky" to defend himself on the radio.

WHOOPS. Soccer goalie really screws this one up.

BRAWLING BILLS. Buffalo had to halt practice because the team has spent two straight days getting into fights with each other.

NOOOOO TIMMY NOOOOOOO. Tim Howard is taking a year off, which means we're totally boned in the Gold Cup next summer.