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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/25/14

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SCHOLARSHIPS FOR TWO. Drake Ferch and Ben Boesen earned themselves scholarships for their play this offseason.

A STROKE OF BRILLIANCE. Randy Peterson talks about how super rad awesome cool the Cyclones' 2014 schedule is.

MOTIVATING MORRISSEY. The 10 words that changed Cory Morrissey's life.

MEEKS LOCKING DOWN MIKE. Alton Meeks is still sitting atop of the race for the MIKE linebacker position.

BUBU REACTION. Bubu Palo's lawyer talks about the details surrounding the court's decision against the Iowa Board of Regents.

BRAYS STILL PART OF THE FAMILY. The football program has really embraced the Bray family after the tragic passing of Curtis Bray.

23RD BEST GAME! Iowa State vs. North Dakota State is number 23 on the list of the best week 1 games.

MACK LOVES BEYONCE. Hey, Mack Brown is hip with the times.

DAMMIT, DISH. If you have Dish Network, you're not getting college football games on FS1.

ARKANSAS IS AN INTERESTING PLACE. Arkansas may be fairly north as far as the SEC goes, but they are SEC-crazy about football.

WAIVER DENIED. Common sense finally scores a victory in NCAA rulings as Dorial Green-Beckham has been ruled ineligible for 2014.

#FOODPROBLEMS. Jared Lorenzen loves football. He also loves food. Here's a fascinating article on his struggle to balance the two.

WORST CORNER KICK EVER? Hitting the scoreboard is not a good thing.

CARTWHEEL BLOCK. This seems like a wildly inefficient way to block a shot.