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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/26/14

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RHOADS TALKS NDSU. The first of many weekly media conferences before game day happened yesterday.

HEY, LOOK AT THE NEW GUY! New NDSU coach Chris Klieman talks to the media about Iowa State.

KIRK CONFIRMS WHAT WE ALL KNEW. The offense was pretty bad to start games last year.

LALK OVERTAKES OMOILE, DALEY "WINS" Z. Some depth chart moves as Dondre Daley is the new starter at Z, due to D'Vario Montgomery's previous stupidity, and Jamison Lalk has locked down the left guard spot.

WRESTLING SCHEDULE OUT. The 2014-15 wrestling schedule has been released.

LAZARD WILL PLAY. Paul Rhoads assured everyone that Allen Lazard will definitely see the field on Saturday.

THAT TURNED QUICKLY. Iowa State is now favored against NDSU. Stop taking the Cyclones and ruining the betting lines, everyone!

HEY, SOMEBODY ELSE IS BUYING OUR OFFENSE. Brandon Chatmon says Iowa State won't be terribad on offense!

I THINK HIS COACH WILL FORGIVE HIM FOR THIS. USC CB Josh Shaw hurt himself off the field and will miss the season opener, but for a very good reason.

BEYONCE IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL. A day after Mack Brown demonstrated his proficiency in Beyonce, we find that Tennessee is using her for recruiting.

TRAVELING WITH KIRK. Kirk Herbstreit explains it all. And by all, I mean traveling.

SAM GETS MONEY. Thanks to Michael Sam, the Boys and Girls Club of St Louis is a bit richer.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Join our college football pick 'em pool!