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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/28/14

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CAN I GET A... Bowl projection for Iowa State from Sports Illustrated. We'd be going to Tempe, which would be pretty sweet.

99 PROBLEMS. But injury prevention isn't one, thanks to Catapult, Iowa State's new training system.

IZZO. Tom Izzo and Trey Burke talk about Monte Morris, the one their schools missed out on.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Kevin Jackson has hired two new staff members to his wrestling crew.

RUN THIS TOWN. Tom Farniok and NDSU's Trevor Gebhart will face off on Saturday to determine bragging rights in Sioux Falls.

BROOKLYN WINTER PARK GO HARD. High school teammates Sam Richardson and D'Vario Montgomery have been reunited on the field and they're really excited about it.

ENCORE? After being upset by UNI last year, Iowa State is on high alert to prevent a repeat loss to an FCS opponent.

FRONTIN'. After a bunch of posturing, Dish has announced they have resolved their dispute with FS1, which means 275,000 more Iowa households will be able to watch ISU-NDSU.

MOMENT OF CLARITY. USC's Josh Shaw lied about his heroic act, but USC is to blame too.

HARD KNOCK LIFE. Franciso Cervelli's refusal to wear a cup didn't pay off.

RENEGADE. Josh Gordon's year long suspension has been upheld.

ON TO THE NEXT ONE. Les Miles isn't going to reveal a starting QB, and might even screw with everyone during the first snap.

HOLY GRAIL. Madden 15 promises to be the most realistic game of all time, and Eli Manning's virtual face is the best proof of that.