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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/29/14

MOONLIGHTING. Aaron Wimberly and DeVondrick Nealy think two running backs is better than one, and also warn us not to forget about Sam Richardson, who moonlights as an RB.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Allen Lazard is featured as one of the Big 12's week 1 players in the spotlight.

DIE HARD. The late start times of two out of conference basketball games means less sleep for the diehards.

DIE HARDER. Maybe you would prefer Cyclone perspective from someone who played for the program, so Jeff Woody has you covered.

WITH A VENGEANCE. Iowa's pink visiting locker rooms are under attack from a professor, who is going to protest them in a bizarre way.

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. Due to all the rain in central Iowa, the grass lots may be closed on Saturday.

LIVE FREE. Vanderbilt had their penalty for having a motto instead of player names on the back of their jerseys (high school move!) overturned by showing the ref an email from the SEC. It didn't help them escape total embarrassment though, as they were rocked by Temple(!). The Commodores' mascot decided to pass the time by texting.

LOOPER. Johnny Football was so impressed with Kenny Hill, his replacement who set new school records against South Carolina, he's calling him Kenny Football, hopefully creating an infinite loop at Texas A&M.

UNBREAKABLE. A sumo wrestler is ditching his comfy life to try to make it in the NFL.

SIN CITY. An Eastern Illinois player was ejected for sacktapping his Golden Gopher opponent.

THE WHOLE NINE YARDS. Hugh Freeze put a couple of fingers up, but it ended up being photoshopped into him flipping someone off.

SIXTH SENSE. USC had RB Anthony Brown quit the team due to his belief that Steve Sarkisian was a racist. Sarkisian said he had "no sense" that Brown thought that.