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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/4/14

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REINFORCEMENTS ARRIVE. JUCO defensive linemen Dale Pierson and Trent Taylor showed up for practice today.

MORE CAMPERS. The Cyclones also added three to its fall camp roster.

MOST IMPORTANT TEN. Bobby La Gesse lists the ten players most important to Iowa State's success this season.

HEY, I WANT CHEAP GAS TOO! Iowa's tuition giveaway was deemed possibly illegal, so now they've partnered with Fuelsaver to encourage ticket sales.

SEC IN SPACE. A fanatical astronaut means that NASA will provide the SEC network in space for him.

AWKWARD. Andrew Wiggins sits down with ESPN to address the trade rumors... and he doesn't seem comfortable.

UGH, GROSS. Paul George snapped his leg in half at a Team USA scrimmage. It was horrifying.

OUR FAVORITE IMMATURE PLAYER. Spencer Dinwiddie was asked in an AMA what rating he thought he would get in NBA 2K.

GROUND HEADER. Hey, it still counts the same as an awesome leaping header.

I WISH "I LIKE TURTLES" KID WAS THERE. A minor league baseball TMNT promotion included a cosplay wedding proposal.

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN HELPFUL WITH KIRBY. The Ottawa RedBlacks scored their first touchdown ever on a third down pooch punt.

DERRICK BROOKS IS THANKFUL. The now NFL Hall of Famer used about a million thank yous in his induction speech, which makes it the polar opposite of Michael Jordan's hatin' ass speech.

NEW TAILGATE GAME? I'm glad this sport isn't an Iowa State tradition.