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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/6/14

CBE CLASSIC TIMES ANNOUNCED. Iowa State will take on Alabama on November 24th in their first action at the Sprint Center since taking home the Big 12 title.

OFFENSIVE LINE SET. The Cyclones may still be waiting for a starting QB, but the guys in front of him seem to be set.

LAZARD'S PLAN. Allen Lazard has a personal plan to make sure he's productive as a freshman.

THAT OTHER FRESHMAN. Not the same, but the hyped freshman of last year, Jake Campos, talks to reporters.

A SECOND CAREER. Tom Farniok has a calling as a strength and conditioning coach if football doesn't work out for him.

NIANG IN. If Team USA only used college players, Georges Niang would make the cut.

COOKIE CAKES FOR EMMERT. The Great American Cookie company is sending out cookie cakes to celebrate his decision on the idiotic South Carolina case.

DEMYSTIFYING KANSAS STATE. Football Study Hall checks out how the Wildcats have been able to be a powerhouse despite the odds.

OUCH. Bring On The Cats has all the pros and cons of each Big 12 coach.

37TH IN PRO PRODUCTION. Duke tops the list of schools with the most NBA picks in the last 28 years, while Iowa State checks in at 37th.

LEAVE JERRY ALONE. Jerry Jones has some... interesting photos out, and PFT Commenter says we need to stop slut shaming him.

MJ DIDN'T EXIST. Scottie Pippen wants you to know he's the best Chicago Bull of all time.

POOP TIMEOUT. A rugby game was interrupted by a dog taking a dump on the field.

NOT MY FAULT, BRO. A Michigan rave organizer (with a super fake looking beard) gives a great interview about his party... complete with passed out party-goers.