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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/7/14

BIBBS Q&A. E.J. BIbbs is getting a lot of props lately from Big 12 media, and Big 12 blog was able to chat with him.

SIFTING THROUGH THE DTS. CF sorts through the mess at defensive tackle.

GETTING AN OPPORTUNITY. Defensive tackle Robby Garcia wasn't supposed to play until next year, but will be thrust into the limelight this fall.

THE MOST IMPORTANT COG. Brandon Jensen is back, and is excited to be back, but will be the most important cog on the defensive line this season.

FINAL FOUR 2016! Des Moines has launched a bid to host NCAA tourney games in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

THOMAS PLEADS GUILTY. Matt Thomas' OWI charge has been handled with his guilty plea.

THE WIZARD IS UNPLEASED. Bill Snyder says that college athletics has sold out.

STEVE PATTERSON IS A DICK. The Texas AD doesn't want to share with smaller programs.

DEVONTE'S GONE. TCU's troubled star Devonte Fields is transferring to Stephen F. Austin.

WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE MICHIGAN SO MUCH? The college football hate map is out, and our state hates Nebraska... or Iowa.

GOPHERS DON'T LIKE REDSKINS. The University of Minnesota has asked the Vikings to not refer to their November 2nd opponents as the Redskins.

IS THIS ADVICE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPFUL? The NBA's helping rookies with some really odd advice.

DONE DEAL. The Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins deal is supposedly agreed upon.

IT'S A HUMAN VERSION OF THE ROLLERBLADING RAPTOR. So much sadness after falling on his face.

POOR SPORT? Bayern Munich's manager was unhappy after the MLS All-Star game and refused the normal post game handshake.