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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/8/14

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A THOUGHTFUL FUTURE. VEISHEA is dead, and Steven Leath says the future of events will be looked at with a "thoughtful approach".

ALL HAIL BUNDRAGE. Quenton Bundrage is trying to improve on a good sophomore season, and is also taking a leadership role.

D'VARIO STEPPING UP. USF transfer D'Vario Montgomery talks about his year on the sidelines and how that's helped him.

RUNNING WITH THE TWOS. It might be hard to redshirt Allen Lazard this year, considering he's already worked his way up to the second string.

BACK ON THE PRACTICE FIELD IS GOOD, RIGHT? Paul Rhoads talks about a variety of issues, including backup center Ben Loth's injury.

A DEEP POSITION GROUP. Tommy Mangino talks about a major strength of the team: the wide receivers.

TWO FOR BIG 12 PRESEASON TEAM. Mackenzie Bigbee and Victoria Hurtt received preseason Big 12 honors.

AUTONOMY. What does the NCAA allowing the bigger schools autonomy mean?

NO SHENANIGANS. Texas coaches are staying in player dorms for fall camp.

RUINING MOCK DRAFTS. Vince Young and Johnny Manziel are the hot names to take if you want to ruin a draft.

LETTERS ARE HARD. This Wheel of Fortune based Bama shirt is terrible.

BUT BAD SPELLING CAN SAVE YOU. Tony Allen getting hacked is actually believable because of his "signature" tweeting style.

BEING FUNNY WILL COST YOU. Dan Le Batard's hilarious billboard to LeBron earned him a two day suspension.

HOLY PROMOTION. The Toyota Red Zone definitely lets you know it's sponsored by Toyota.