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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/10/14

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OH MY GOD, BEER! Jack Trice's South End Zone seating chart is out, and it will basically just be a gigantic cluster of club seating.

CYCLONES.TV GOES STREAMING. Now you can watch the Mediacom Cyclones channel even if you don't have Mediacom!

NO MORE PRESS BOX. Mark Mangino isn't going to coach from the press box again this year. [Insert shitty joke about elevator weight limits here]

SPREAD HISTORY. Kirk Haaland looks at the betting lines for the Cy-Hawk rivalry over the years.

LEADERS EMERGING. The team had a massive improvement after NDSU, and also, some leaders started emerging from the pack.

MORE SCOOTER ISSUES. The Cyclones and Hawkeyes can add another scooter injury to the list between the two programs as Iowa player Drew Ott was in an accident Tuesday morning. Good news though, he should be able to play.

NOT THE SUPER BOWL. Scott Dochterman (a Hawkeye reporter) argues that while the statement might have been true in the past, the Iowa game is no longer Iowa State's Super Bowl.

JARVIS' TIME. Jarvis West says it's time for him to be a star.

BEST IN THE BIG 12! Fox Sports will televise a league-high five Iowa State women's basketball games this season.

SO, HALLOWEEN TAILGATE? Natty Light has a pumpkin version (of packaging) out.

LUBBOCK IS DIFFERENT. A profile of Texas Tech's mascot tells you that things are a little bit different at Texas Tech.

ANOTHER HIT IN TWIS. None of you made it this week, but Iowa State makes an appearance thanks to CycloneFanatic.

GOODELL SPEAKS. Roger Goodell blames Ray Rice for being ambiguous about the incident.

DOUGIE MCYARDSALE. Doug McDermott moved out without his clothes, so his old roommate is selling them.