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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/11/14

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LEADING NOT BY EXAMPLE. Jevohn Miller is emerging along with Cory Morrissey as the leaders of the defense.

MORE IOWA PREP. Paul Rhoads talks about a variety of subjects surrounding the Cy-Hawk game.

FAMILY BUSINESS. Brent Blum waxes on what the Iowa State - Iowa rivalry means to him.

HATE HATE HATE. Kirk Ferentz is throwing barbs at Paul Rhoads.

BLITZING? STUNTS? Wally Burnham is changing from his conservative ways to accommodate for the Cyclones' defensive squad this year.

VIEWING GUIDE. Iowa State - Iowa makes the viewing slate for week 3.

UH... WHAT? The three Big 12 bloggers went unanimously for Iowa State to upset Iowa.

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT "SEARING"... But I can applaud the effort, trolly Iowa City Police Department.

LINSANITY. Jeremy Lin's day of making major headlines on the court are over, so he's scaring people by pretending to be wax.

HARASSED TO THE MAX. Browns punter Spencer Lanning had to delete the Twitter app due to the shit he's been getting from friends about being karate-kicked.

ROMO'S HELL. Tony Romo had a bad day Sunday, so Jon Bois made it worse for him in Madden.