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Remembering 9/11 and Events in Cyclone Lore

September 11, 2001 had an impact throughout the country, and that included the annual Cy-Hawk game. We take a moment to remember that day, and also remember great Cyclone memories of the past.

Ezra Shaw

Thirteen years ago today most of us can still recall where we were when we heard the news of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I can remember standing in line at Beardshear Hall, frustrated with some complication with my UBill or Financial Aid and how much time it was taking the lady at the counter to process the line of students. Suddenly she stopped, walked over to a small gray radio on the counter top and turned it up - everyone listened as the tragic events unfolding were reported by the seemingly unbelieving on-air host. A single unforgettable moment in a lifetime of forgotten moments. I was late to my next class.

Generally we're not very good at serious topics such as this one at WRNL, but that opening felt appropriate on this date so heavy in remembrance and respect. The transition I'm about to make is rough, and I apologize for that, but this is a sports website and eventually I have to bring it back around, so here goes nothing.

The events of September 11, 2001 delayed that year's Cy-Hawk match up until after Thanksgiving, and in that vein a much less meaningful, but similarly memory-evoking fashion, there are certain moments in a lifetime of Cyclone fandom that stand above the rest for me. Sadly, most involve basketball, the football memories have been largely muted by either a) lack of winning or b) over-consumption. However there are a couple in the Cy-Hawk series that have fought their way through the rubble of beer cans, solo cups, desk jobs and the mind-numbing sleepless parenthood to rise to the status of unforgettable for me:

1) Sept 12, 1998 - I was in a dorm, underage and under awesome, watching the unbelievable happen. Iowa State was going to beat Iowa for the first time since I didn't need a diaper. It was dominance, it was unreal ... and unfortunately it was in Iowa City while we were in Ames. As the final minutes wound to a close we assumed someone would be celebrating, so we rushed out and jumped in the bed of a friend's truck to hit Campustown where we assumed they'd forget the underage laws for the celebration.

Ghost town. Not anyone on the street - it was strange, we rolled past Copyworks, slowly up the hill towards the clock tower stunned to not see anyone.

In the next instant the streets were overrun with people as bars emptied with thousands of happy fans. We'd apparently showed up with 1 minute to go and everyone else in Cyclone nation had to see 00.00 before that could move. No one could blame them. From Towers to Lincoln Way, Welch Ave was a solid mass of hugging, high-fiving, teary-eyed humanity. Danny Mac had done the impossible and done it in convincing fashion. It was amazing.

2) Sept 14, 2002 - At this point in my college life I took for granted that we won this Cy-Hawk game all the time. In fact, every year I was at Iowa State we beat Iowa. It was a glorious run. I was in Iowa City this time, not because I had tickets though, mostly because I was chasing a girl and I appreciated a good (if not Ames-caliber) tailgate scene. The ticketless of our group of friends found our way to the BWW and secured what would turn out to be the only Cyclone table in very pro-Hawkeye bar. The first half was awful - we were toast. Then Seneca started to Seneca, and Brad Banks decided we needed the ball more often leading to the 5th victory for Iowa State in as many years. The agony of the Hawkeye fans in that bar during the second half was amazing to watch as I gleefully downed some Caribbean Jerk wings & tear-flavored ranch sauce.

Those are mine. - What are your favorite "seared-in" memories of Cyclone games past?