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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/12/14

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COORDINATOR'S PREVIEW. Mark Mangino and Wally Burnham preview Iowa.

BEGINNER'S LUCK. Jake Campos played pretty well for his first start ever, and will look to build on that.

BHGPODCAST. Dan joins Patrick Vint on the Black Heart Gold Podcast.

KIRK PICKS IOWA. We might be consensus with the ESPN bloggers, but Kirk Haaland joins Dan in his pessimism of the Cyclones getting the win this weekend.

NO LOVE FROM SB NATION. Neither Bud Elliott nor Bill Connelly are Cyclone fans this weekend.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Tommy Birch checks in at the Jacobsen building to hang out pre-game with the Cyclones.

JON STEWART GETS IN ON THE ACT. Well, you knew he would lay into Roger Goodell sometime.

HOUSTON IS BETTER THAN TEXAS? They sure fared better against BYU than Texas did. Though definitely not on this play.

GO TO CLASS. James Franklin won't let his player miss class.

UBER TODAY! Uber is going live in Des Moines today, and city officials are unhappy.