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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/15/14

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IMPROVING. Paul Rhoads has his team on the upward path.

SWOLL LEGEND. Cole Netten talks about the kick heard around Iowa.

DOMINANT MORRISSEY. Cory Morrissey had the game of his life against a (clearly weakened) future NFLer in Brandon Scherff.

LITTLE BIG PLAYS. Kirk Haaland's weekly feature on the little plays that made a big difference.

OUTDOING DAD. Allen Lazard now has more wins against Iowa than his father ever did.

MILLER TIME. Jevohn Miller's ascent to a vocal leader of the defense was something that nobody saw coming.

UIPD STILL AT IT. More jokes.

MORE ELITE VISITS. Malik Monk, the sixth ranked player in 2016, met with Coach Hoiberg on Sunday. To say Malik has hops is probably an understatement.

THE ACROSTICAL. Spencer Hall piles onto the Big 10 as part of his review of college football this week.

THE COACH K SHOW. Adrian Wojnarowski writes that the NBA needs to pull its stars from Team USA because of Coach K.

TERRIBLE, TEXAS. The Longhorns botched the coin flip and had to kick the ball off at the beginning of both halves.

VIKINGS AND AP OVER? Adrian Peterson isn't going to be released by the Vikings, but he could be on the trade block.

JJ WATT CAN'T LIVE RICH. JJ Watt had to Google what rich people buy after signing a massive contract.

TWO FUMBLES, ONE JAMES. James Jones fumbled twice on one play.

OOO, PRETTY. Jeremy Menez with a pretty sweet backheel goal.