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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/17/14

In which a piece of history graces this dump.

THE LOST JERSEY. It was linked in yesterday's MMD comments, and on our Facebook page, but it's so good we're linking it again.

Kagavi found a gold jersey from the 1923 Iowa State football team.  Put another way, Kagavi found a piece of history nearly a century old, one that honors the death of Jack Trice which happened that year, and if not stained with his actual blood, is stained metaphorically with it.

This is big.  Not only in a historical sense of finding something so well preserved, but in an Iowa State sense as well.  Unwinding the legacy of Jack Trice, a man who left only a widow and no direct descendants, has been thrilling to watch and right now it feels like a sense of closure has come over those that have read this.  As far as I'm concerned this article should be blasted far and wide, so please help Josh and Lori accomplish that.  The Cyclones boast the only stadium named after an African American, and now another piece of his legacy has been discovered.

RHOADS SPEAKS. Paul Rhoads had his Tuesday post-practice interview yesterday, and talked about everything from player progression to Baylor preparation.

RHOADS WAS PROACTIVE. The Jacob Gannon story was strange to witness when it broke, but what happened at practice didn't dissuade Rhoads from being proactive with getting Gannon help.

TIP TIME. Iowa State will play Iowa at 7:00 PM in Iowa City in this year's Cy-Hawk showdown on the hardwood.  The game will be broadcast on BTN.

THIS SEAT IS TOO HOT. The mothership's hot seat watch has been updated for week 3, and you guessed it, our favorite in-state timeout taker is on it.

POWER RANKINGS. The mothership's conference power rankings are out as well, and the Big XII piece is led off with a mention of Iowa State.  Spoiler alert: we're somewhere between Texas and Kansas in the rankings.

WHO ARE THE WORST? The Lubbock paper set out to find out who the worst fans in the Big XII are, and did so by looking up arrests and incidences at games.  Somehow I feel their battery chucking fans don't get reported...

WINSTON, WINSTON, WINSTON. Buddy, things like this don't help your image.

DUFFMAN! A relatively unknown player on the San Francisco Giants has a great name, and is taking advantage of it.

PUNTERS GONNA... NOT PUNT? Great moments in punter history.

VIKINGS, VIKINGS, VIKINGS. Things like this don't help your image.