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Betting the Big XII: Week 4

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Today was like one of those fly dreams.

Didn’t even see a Hawkeye flashin those high beams

Looked up, saw the lights on the Good Year Blimp

And it read, "Sammy Rich’s a Pimp" (yeah)

Drunk as hell but ain’t no throwin up

Half way home cell phone’s still blowin up

Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K (Alternative Kash)

I got to say it was a good day.

It was, indeed, a good day.

Beginning Bank                $515

In Play                                  $264


Baylor 63 – Buffalo 21

Bet – Baylor -35/$55 (W)

Pay - $105


West Virginia 40 – Maryland 37

Bet – WVU +3.5/$22 (W)

Pay - $42

B1G’s first of three losses at the hands of the Big XII on Saturday. Loved it.

Kansas 3 – Duke 41

Bet – Kansas +15/$22 (L)

Pay - $0

Guess there is a little shine left on those slippers after all.

Iowa State 20 – Iowa 17

Bet - Iowa State +10/$22 (W)

Pay - $42

My only regret is not playing the money line (+400) on Saturday.

Arkansas 49 – Texas Tech 28

Bet – Arkansas +2/$22 (W)

Pay - $42

The bad: losing to an SEC team. The good: looks like another potential "W" for the Clones.

Minnesota 7 – TCU 30

Bet – TCU -14/$55 (W)

Pay - $105

Thank you, B1G, for sucking so badly.

UTSA 13 – Oklahoma State 43

Bet – Over 55/$22 (W)

Pay - $42

I was wrong that UTSA would give them a fight. Fortunately, I was right on what mattered most ($). Thank you, OSU Defense, for that last second pick 6.

Tennessee 10 – Oklahoma 34

Bet – OU -20.5/$33 (W)

Pay - $63

Bobby doesn’t like the SEC. I can respect that.

UCLA 20 – Texas 17

Bet – Texas +8/$11

Pay - $21

Please, Texas, take a year or two to rediscover your identity. We won’t mind.

Parlay Pick 4

Baylor                   -35 (W)

Oklahoma           -20.5 (W)

Notre Dame       -28 (L)

Norther Illinois  -10 (W)

3 out of 4 is good. Unless it is a Parlay card. Then, it is a loss.

It was a very good weekend cashing 7 out of 8 tickets. With conference play starting up in earnest where lines get tighter and outcomes become more unpredictable, I could really use the cushion. As much as I enjoy watching the games, betting on them tends to knot my stomach.

Cash                      $462

Bank                      $713

Not much action this week as teams prepare to enter conference play.

To the games.

Auburn @ Kansas State – Thursday, September 18th @ 6:30 PM – ESPN

Line K-State +9

O/U 65.5

Neither team has played for 12 days. When we last left K-State, they were toying with Cyclone Nation’s collective emotions. Auburn’s last game was a 59-13 win at home against San Jose State. – Advantage Neutral

K-State has historically played very well at home against ranked, non-con opponents, beating the likes of Miami (2012), UCLA (2010) and USC (2002). Auburn played in last season’s National Championship game. – Advantage K-State.

K-State has "The Wizard". Auburn has "The ‘Zahn" (trademark pending). – Advantage K-State

It is very difficult for me to believe K-State will get beat up in this matchup. In fact, and call it bias against a team because of their coaching past, I don’t see Auburn winning this game which makes the moneyline (+260) a very favorable bet. But I’d be silly to avoid the 9 point cushion the odds makers are giving me.

My bet $33 on K-State +9

Central Michigan @ Kansas – Saturday, September 20th @ 2:30 PM – FSN

Line Kansas -3

O/U 48

Oh, Kansas. I thought you were better than this. More specifically, I thought Duke was worse than that, but I gave you a little credit in there somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see you anywhere outside of the abyss your football program currently dwells in. We don’t need more competition.  Basketball just can’t come soon enough for your fans, I’m sure, and I truly empathize with them. There is plenty of season left for the both of us to switch places so I will keep my insults to a minimum for now. However, I wonder if there is a record for a school finishing first in one sport and last in another in consecutive years? You’re at four.

Central Michigan has beaten a pretty good Purdue team (still pissed, Notre Dame) and the Mocs (was your mascot seriously Indian foot apparel before you were pressured into changing it to "Mocs", short for "Mockingbird"? Nobody has mocked you for this?) from Tennessee-Chattanooga before getting squeezed by Syracuse (your stupid orange isn’t much better. You realize you can’t grow citrus trees in upstate New York, right?) 40-3.

So, um, I kind of got lost in my rants of mascots and forgot the point I was going to make.

My bet - $11 on Kansas -3 (I will bet more on you when you prove you’re ready)

Oklahoma @ West Virginia – Saturday, September 20th @ 6:30 PM – FOX

Line Oklahoma -7

O/U 62

This is a difficult one for me. Oklahoma, at night, on the road has been hit or miss for Bob Stoops since 2007(ish). West Virginia has been playing with a lot of emotion and energy, pushing Alabama to the edge in the season opener. Then opening up a can of whoop – wait. Shit. Hold on! Must. Finish. Opening. Can. Or. Kick…whew - then winning on the road against arch rival, Maryland, with a last minute field goal in the rain.

College teams have been known to have a letdown game immediately following a big win (see: Notre Dame vs Purdue, Virginia Tech vs East Carolina, et. al) and the Mountaineers are in prime position to fall victim to this phenomenon this week. Oklahoma is a solid squad and very well coached. West Virginia? My verdict is still undecided.

My bet - $22 on Oklahoma -7

Parlay Pick 4

Last week I did not provide a "wager" for this section of my post, and I will continue to refrain from doing that moving forward. The reason? I’m too lazy to keep track of the money side if I should actually hit one. This is more to illustrate what I feel are the four best bets on the board. Although, this week I’m struggling to find four lines I love.

UNLV @ Houston – Houston -20.5

I have tried to become a UNLV fan over the years, but as a fan of both Cyclones and Cubs, I have no more room for heartache in my life. And, they are bad. Like, Kansas would beat them bad, bad.

Texas A&M @ SMU – TAM -33.5

SMU bad. TAM good.

Texas A&M @ SMU – Over 61

SMU bad. TAM good.

Virginia @ BYU – BYU -14

Virginia travels west for the first game outside their home stadium. They also beat a pretty good Louisville squad last weekend so I’m looking to play the "first road game, emotional let-down" game, here.

Next week the action picks up considerably with a full slate of conference games. This will be the first week I can actually watch live game action on TV (stupid children’s activities interrupting "me" time). Considering our opponent, I'm not yet convinced that is a good thing.

Be good to your neighbors. Unless they're Hawkeyes. Then, TP their trees for fun.