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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/18/14

ALL IN THE FAMILY. Cyclones.TV has a feature on Brett Medders, the latest Medders to come through Iowa State.

NOT THIS WEEK. This Week In Schadenfreude has the Cyclones causing the anger issues and Stalin comparisons for Iowa fans.

RHOAD DOGS. Brent Blum looks at the curious record Iowa State has on the road.

RULE OF 24. Kirk Haaland explains the Cyclones' success when holding opponents to under 24 points.

FARMALLIANCE. Ian Boyd looks at how our wheat brothers can upset the former Chiziks.

WORLEY ARRAIGNED. West Virginia's best defensive player was arrested for battery charges.

OU GOES NEW SCHOOL? Oklahoma has a new uniform this weekend, but it's nothing crazy.

ASH QUITTING FOOTBALL. After far too many concussions, Texas' David Ash is done with football. Best of luck to a competitor who's been hard on the Cyclones over the years.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL. This Braves fan either never learned the first rule of catching a baseball, or took it far too literally.

MORE THAN JUST CURSING. Jameis Winston's suspension for cursing seems a bit harsh, but it's about more than that one incident.

STEWART'S STILL HATING. Jon Stewart has already destroyed the NFL last week, but he's not done.

BEST FANS OF THE WORST TEAM. No, not Iowa State football fans. This is a feature on Browns fans.

I MUST DRAW PEYTON. A potato provides the perfect base for which to draw Peyton Manning.