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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/19/14

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WHY NOT? For Bryce Dejean-Jones, the transition from LA to Vegas to Ames makes perfect sense.

LOVING THAT FOOTBALL. Georgios Tsalmpouris is adjusting to life in Ames, and he's also discovering a love for football.

GOLF PREVIEW. Cyclones.TV previews the Cyclone Men's Golf season.

#FARMADISAPPOINTED. Thanks to a shocking number of self inflicted mistakes, Kansas State went down to Auburn last night.

FREE THIS WEEKEND? WIth the bye week going on, why not check out the tournament Iowa State club baseball is holding?

HESTER MAKES HISTORY. Devin Hester broke the record he shared with Deion Sanders for the most return TDs in NFL history.

LJ CRIES. After his Buccaneers went down 56-0, Leonard Johnson was caught crying on the sidelines.

MORE NFL PROBLEMS. Jonathan Dwyer allegedly headbutted his wife for refusing his sexual advances.

EVEN PEYTON HAD ISSUES. Peyton Manning had some serious issues while he was at Tennessee.

WHY TEBOW? Tim Tebow fantasy owners talk about why they do such a stupid thing.