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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/22/14

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WACO TERRORS. Kirk Haaland expounds on that horrible night in 2013.

SWEEP. The volleyball team swept Iowa thanks to some good scheduling, putting the Cyclones 7-0 up in the Cy-Hawk series.

GOLF CENTER. Hey everyone, come see how good our golf facility looks!

THE BRIGHT LIGHTS. The spotlight doesn't get any brighter than a night game against powerful Baylor.

COMEBACK TRAIL. After a suspension, Jake Knott is on the comeback trail back to an NFL roster.

YOU'RE WELCOME, BAYLOR AND OU. The Big 12's performance in non-conference play has set the contenders up well for the playoff.

THE DUNCE'S GUIDE. A completely uninformed look at the contenders and pretenders in college football.

PERIERA HATES BO. Mike Pereira thinks Bo Pelini's sideline shenanigans went too far on Saturday.

AGGIE BODYGUARD. A cadet sacrificed his body to protect Reveille.

FLYING V! The Mighty Ducks got together for a 20 year reunion (Damn, I'm old).

HUMPING INJURY. Lions player hip thrusts to celebrate, hurts himself.

SUPPORT THIS SENATOR. A Louisiana senator gets down with a kegstand at an LSU tailgate. Though maybe he's bad luck.

WHAT THE HELL, CAM. Cam Newton rocks capris and slippers for a postgame interview.